My Man Dumped Me

Now What Should I Do? Did Your Boyfriend, Husband, Significant Other or Lover Abruptly Dump, Leave or Abandon You?   Women just like you experience the pain and humiliation of being “left” or “dumped!" Are you puzzled after the man of your dreams falls madly in love with you and then suddenly abandons you and dumps the relationship? Was this real? Was he pretending? Did he feel he could not live up to your expectations? Did he feel you were too demanding? Did he feel suffocated and need "space?" Whatever. He's had enough, had his fill, is fed up or angry for reasons you may never know. He's dumped you and he's gone. Women, beware. Did you pay attention to the tell tale signs?

I was the woman of his dreams and he the man of my dreams.

He said we would be together forever, when suddenly he:

  • Just walked out on me
  • Dumped me; did not return my calls or offer to work things out
  • Told me he felt suffocated and wanted his freedom and space
  • Left me with debt and unpaid bills Left me with the kid(s) / child(ren)
  • Left me right before my birthday and the holidays
  • Left me hurting and in pain with no explanation
  • Said he loved me until I began to make demands
  • Left me because I was too needy and he could not meet my needs
  • Left me because he was terrified of commitment
  • Made everyone else a priority or things more important than me
  • Was totally self absorbed
  • Never made plans, reservations
  • Was passive aggressive; would cancel plans last minute
  • Was always putting me on hold and procrastinating
  • Was aloof emotionally; unavailable; in his own little world
  • Never participated in our activities
  • Acted as though I wasn't good enough for him
  • Would never do anything on time
  • Always put his family and kids first
  • Makes me feel like he was an everything and I was a nothing

We need to question these men who quickly abandon and leave their loved partner or just dump them as being immoral men with poor ethical standards.

Women are vulnerable and should not under any circumstances be treated with this kind of disrespect. Even the most mentally healthy woman finds it extremely hard to function normally when traumatized or abused in this way.

Time does heal and it is important to learn from experience and pay close attention to the early red flags. We need to be in the comfort zone with people who reassure us and make us feel confident that things will work out and that we will find a more suitable partner. The support group helps the healing and recovery process. Happiness is feeling strong inside and being able to trust one’s instincts from the beginning and not let these kinds of abusive relations drag on until the woman feels totally depleted. This positive outlook happens when we set real, achievable goals and pay attention to our instincts and our inner voice as pre-warning signs.

So if you find yourself in the throes of emotional upheaval saying, My boyfriend dumped me, My lover abandoned me or My husband left me, let Dr. Joan Lachkar help point the way to the path of sensibility, recovery and healing. Order Joan Lachkar's The Disappearing Male, today.

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