The Disappearing Male

Joan Lachkar's book, The Disappearing Male was released in December 2012 by Jason Aronson and Lexington Books, divisions of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.

A number of women are vastly confused and hurt by men who appear to be madly in love with them at the onset of a relationship only to have these men suddenly vanish without explanation. Many of these women come into session depressed and feeling traumatized or abused by the men who promise them the world, act as though they are the love of their life and then suddenly there is no voice, no call, no response.

The Disappearing Male describes the symptoms of eight types of disappearing men, including the Disappearing Narcissist (the man who withdraws and isolates himself when narcissistically injured); the Disappearing Borderline (he's invisible and feels he does not exist); the Disappearing Schizoid (the man who withdraws and lives inside himself); the Disappearing Obsessive Compulsive (the man who can only exist in a state of perfectionism and cleanliness, withdraws from need because he feels they are dirty and toxic); the Disappearing Passive Aggressive (the man who will do everything manãna); the Disappearing Depressive (who withdraws outwardly and turns inside himself); the Disappearing Narcissist the Artist (he is married to his art); and the Disappearing Cross-Cultural Man (he makes his country come first).

The symptoms and dynamics outlined in this book will vastly enhance an individual's capacity to become aware of the disappearing male "syndrome." This book is significant to the awareness and self esteem of women in relationships, the dating world and to the therapists who treat them.

Disappearing Male front-back300Joan Lachkar has written The Disappearing Male for the general sector of the population as well as those in the mental health profession ranging from beginning practitioners to the most seasoned. It is also intended for the sophisticated lay sector of the population. (Specifications: 204 pages; size 6.25x9.5"; hardcover; retail prices: Hardback - $60.00 - ISBN: 978-0-7657-0909-7. Ebook 978-0-7657-0910-3, $59.99)

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Dr. Lachkar is the author of numerous published books and articles including The Narcissistic / Borderline Couple, How to talk to a Narcissist, How to Talk to a Borderline, Courts Beware of the Borderline, and Common Complaints that Bring Couples into Therapy. For more, visit our Books section for more details and to order.